New TUC report reveals scale of LGBT harassment at work

The challenge is huge but when working people organise and support each other through effective unions, we can change society.

THE LGBT world is not short of acronyms. Today is Idahobit: the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

The date is significant. It is now almost 30 years since the World Health Organisation decided to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases on May 17 1990.

Unfortunately, prejudice has not been removed from society, and LGBT people continue to suffer discrimination and harassment at work and elsewhere.

To coincide with Idahobit 2019, the TUC has just published a much-needed report into the sexual harassment of LGBT workers.

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The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start

While working people suffered under needless austerity and public services were stripped to the bone, transgender people have faced specific detriment. The focus on changes to legal gender recognition that came out of Miller’s report was mismanaged from the start.

Three years after her parliamentary committee reported on transgender rights, Maria Miller this week accused her own government of mishandling trans issues.

When the Tory chair of the House of Commons women and equalities committee announces publicly that her own government’s priorities are wrong, we must surely be in the last days of this shambolic administration. Continue reading “The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start”

Trade unionists can help bring light and understanding to transgender debate

While government prevaricates, trade unions are taking action to inform the workforce, call out injustice and change society for the better.

WHEN the government announced a consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act in July last year, trans people expected that by now we might be discussing the outcome.

However, proposals to streamline and demedicalise the process to change our legal gender proved more controversial than the government perhaps anticipated. Repeated delays left a vacuum that spawned polarised and often heated discussions on social media and elsewhere. Continue reading “Trade unionists can help bring light and understanding to transgender debate”

Our Movement Can Defeat Homophobia

Trade unionists must call out discrimination wherever it occurs

LGBT+ rights are enshrined in law. The 2010 Equality Act could not be clearer: discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender reassignment are explicitly prohibited.

Prejudice, however, runs deep in our society, and homophobia, biphobia and transphobia remain endemic problems in the workplace and elsewhere. They have a pernicious and destructive impact that can sap the confidence of LGBT+ people, compromise their mental health and destroy their careers.

Following debate at last year’s TUC LGBT conference, the TUC undertook extensive research to identify the extent of the problems and better understand the experiences of LGBT+ workers, both unionised and non-unionised. Continue reading “Our Movement Can Defeat Homophobia”