Plea to Trans Lobby

We seek to find common cause with women against male violence and we condemn the threats, harassment and intimidation of women who argue that sex-based protections are vital in a society still punctuated by sexism.


Sir, As transsexual people we are dismayed by the escalation in harassment, threats and abuse directed at women and women’s groups in the name of “transgender rights activism” (“Trans lobby sent me death threats, claims professor”, Dec 6). In the past few years violent rhetoric on social media has spilt over into real life too often. After the harassment of Julie Bindel and the Working Class Movement Library, the physical assault on Maria Maclachlan and the recent use of “masked-up” tactics at a feminist meeting in Bristol, we are horrified by the intimidation and abuse directed at the human rights expert Rosa Freedman.

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The rush to diagnose trans children serves no-one

From across the internet, [children] are told that along with freedom of expression comes a freedom to choose their own sex. As science falls victim to wishful thinking, anyone who challenges them can be dismissed as a bigot.

On Wednesday night [21 November 2018], Channel 4 broadcast a much-debated documentary examining the staggering rise in children being referred for consultation on gender re-assignment. In the last nine years, referrals for children to the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Service have risen some 2500 per cent.

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A Woman’s Place is a Safe Port – a transsexual perspective

Abusers will take opportunities wherever safeguarding is weakest.

And every time someone abuses the system then it is our credibility that’s being damaged. Women say “how can I trust you?”

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Trust and confidence must be restored

A gender recognition certificate may give any trans woman the right to enter women’s spaces and join their groups. But it can never stop women from then leaving those spaces at the same time. And that is no way for any of us to live.

I am a transwoman but I am also a science teacher, and I do understand the reality of biological sex. It is the basis of the procreation of our species. There are seven and a half billion people on this planet and each has two biological parents – one female and one male – that’s real. Continue reading “Trust and confidence must be restored”

Not all transsexuals think ‘trans women are women’

Our political leaders have a responsibility to both women and transsexuals to listen carefully to all voices in this debate. It is my view that a system of unqualified self-identification would erode much-needed safeguards for women and empower abusers

When equalities minister Penny Mordaunt launched the consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act she declared that “trans women are women”. Whether anyone really believes this remains to be seen. Yet our political leaders are willing to endorse this Orwellian thinking, and when it comes to the transgender debate, objective truth plays second fiddle to political expediency.

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Gender Recognition must be grounded in objective evidence

Policy needs to be reviewed before more damage is done: to women forced to share accommodation with intact male sex offenders, and to transgender women who find that their own requests to be transferred to the female estate are denied by officials who feel they cannot be too careful.

As the Government Consultation on reforms to The Gender Recognition Act 2004 comes to a close, we should reflect on what is at stake. As a transsexual person I have a particular interest. While I understand the superficial attraction of self-declaration, a procedure based purely on an assertion of our own feelings, any process lacking objective evidence is vulnerable to abuse. Continue reading “Gender Recognition must be grounded in objective evidence”

Transgender Debate

The time has come for our political leaders to show some wisdom before it is too late.


The compilers of the Book of Proverbs probably had more pressing concerns than gender identity when they characterised the wicked, the foolish and the wise, but the transgender debate today (letters, Oct 3 & 4) involves the same three kinds of people. Continue reading “Transgender Debate”