Social acceptance of trans people springs from our relationship with society – and that works both ways

The Gender Recognition Act does need to be slimmed down and streamlined, but we need to consult widely and more carefully before we proceed.


Guardian columnist Owen Jones predicted last week that history will damn anti-trans zealots as it has judged those who resisted gay rights.

I’m a trans woman, so for me this is personal. Transphobic keyboard warriors have called for me to be sacked from my job as a teacher and a supposedly respectable Christian charity misgenders me deliberately on its website. Continue reading “Social acceptance of trans people springs from our relationship with society – and that works both ways”

The Gender Recognition Act needs reform but self-identification is not the answer

The Gender Recognition Act is in desperate need of reform, but self-declaration of gender is not a progressive solution. Indeed, where sex-based protections are concerned, external verification is vital to maintain trust and confidence.

Self-declaration of legal gender is a reckless proposal that would deny trans people the opportunity to have their gender externally verified and force them to rely entirely on their own assertions. While that might work in some parts of society, it could be catastrophic for those living in hostile environments where their motives may be questioned and their claims disbelieved. Continue reading “The Gender Recognition Act needs reform but self-identification is not the answer”

Self-identification & the struggle for equal rights

The left should take care before assuming proposed legal changes will advance the equality agenda

Trans rights were thrust back into mainstream politics this week when Jeremy Corbyn offered Labour Party support to government plans to reform the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.

The law is in desperate need of reform, but introducing gender identity as a protected characteristic and allowing people total freedom to self-identify their gender may not be the best way forward. Continue reading “Self-identification & the struggle for equal rights”

Our Movement Can Defeat Homophobia

Trade unionists must call out discrimination wherever it occurs

LGBT+ rights are enshrined in law. The 2010 Equality Act could not be clearer: discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender reassignment are explicitly prohibited.

Prejudice, however, runs deep in our society, and homophobia, biphobia and transphobia remain endemic problems in the workplace and elsewhere. They have a pernicious and destructive impact that can sap the confidence of LGBT+ people, compromise their mental health and destroy their careers.

Following debate at last year’s TUC LGBT conference, the TUC undertook extensive research to identify the extent of the problems and better understand the experiences of LGBT+ workers, both unionised and non-unionised. Continue reading “Our Movement Can Defeat Homophobia”