Trials and Tribulations of Transitioning, part 13: The Telecoms Provider

“I’ve signed a contract elsewhere. I am going. I am leaving. The parrot is dead.” Actually I didn’t say that last bit, but I wanted to.


Firstly, an admission, this isn’t part 13; it’s the first piece I’ve written on the subject, though my telecoms provider did supply me with enough material for a dozen articles when I changed my name four years ago.  That process was relatively painless, though my enthusiasm waned rapidly. Eventually, however, only two organisations eluded me: the Land Registry and the delightful people who supplied me with telephone and broadband. Continue reading “Trials and Tribulations of Transitioning, part 13: The Telecoms Provider”

Gender balance, one woman at a time

When my wave function collapsed into the F state, I was able to conduct some controlled social observations in my work as a teacher.

What can be done to increase the number of women in physics? This question keeps committees busy and researchers funded, but the solution seems as elusive as squaring the circle. Four years ago, however, I did my bit: I transitioned from male to female. As this also meant that the number of men in physics was simultaneously reduced by one, it was, as they say in football, a “six-pointer”. Continue reading “Gender balance, one woman at a time”