Trans ideology is damaging children

The ideology [Mermaids] pushes causes gender-non-conforming children to believe they need unnecessary medical treatments, which risks their health. An inquiry is needed before a scandal breaks.

We welcome the decision by the Scout Association to review its transgender policy (News, last week). Previous guidance, developed in partnership with the transgender lobbying group Mermaids, undermined safeguarding by promising “complete confidentiality”; promoted the idea that children as young as two can be identified as having a “true gender” that does not match their sex; and normalised the practice of teenage girls binding their breasts.

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New TUC report reveals scale of LGBT harassment at work

The challenge is huge but when working people organise and support each other through effective unions, we can change society.

THE LGBT world is not short of acronyms. Today is Idahobit: the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

The date is significant. It is now almost 30 years since the World Health Organisation decided to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases on May 17 1990.

Unfortunately, prejudice has not been removed from society, and LGBT people continue to suffer discrimination and harassment at work and elsewhere.

To coincide with Idahobit 2019, the TUC has just published a much-needed report into the sexual harassment of LGBT workers.

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Supporting transgender students: what you need to know

How can you ensure young people can express their gender identity in school without experiencing discrimination or being made to feel uncomfortable? And how do these concerns intersect with legal and safeguarding requirements? Teacher Debbie Hayton explains all in this guide

There are more children in our schools seeking support for difficulties in the development of their gender identity than ever before. In 2009-10, just 97 children were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), based at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which is the only public service of its kind in Great Britain. Referrals have increased every year since, with the number for 2017-18 rising to 2,519, a 25 per cent increase compared with the previous year.

While the majority of these children are of secondary age, in 2017-18, 246 were of …

[This article was published by TES and the full text is available on their website. Access starts at £15 for digital access to magazine content via]

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Are transgender prison wings the answer?

Actions still speak louder than words. While I may claim that I am not a threat to women personally, it would be a courageous move for the prison service to arrange accommodation according to what offenders claims about themselves.

The management of offenders is difficult at the best of times, but Prison Service policy has been severely tested by the growing number of transgender-identified prisoners. The recent announcement by the Ministry of Justice that they had opened a transgender wing at HMP Downview marked a major change of direction.

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A collapsed case shows the perils of policing ‘transphobia’

After ten months this bizarre case where a trans person had been accused of a transphobic hate crime by someone who was not trans, was dismissed by a district judge as groundless. How did we get here?

The bizarre stories of censorship and bullying by trans activists frequently made baffling reading. But the spectacle of Miranda Yardley, a self-identified transsexual, ending up in the dock for apparent ‘transphobia’ (all at the behest of a non-trans person) really takes the biscuit. An author would struggle to pitch such an incredible scenario at a publisher but, to quote Mark Twain, truth is stranger than fiction. Our post-truth world is off the scale. Continue reading “A collapsed case shows the perils of policing ‘transphobia’”

Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs.

The purpose of the census is not to validate identities or protect feelings; it is to collect data to inform present and future needs, including those applicable to transgender people such as myself. It is vital therefore to collect information on gender identity separately from information on sex.

While transgender people have become much more visible in recent years, our numbers are harder to quantify. In 2011 GIRES reported that:

1% of […] employees and service users may be experiencing some degree of gender variance. At some stage, about 0.2% may undergo transition.

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The difficulties of questioning the transgender dogma

As a transgender woman myself, I worry that the backlash won’t be limited to the activists who try to force their views on everyone else – but against the entire transgender community.

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