The transgender debate needs clear thinking, not muddled language

While the future for trans people may now be less certain, we would achieve far more security and clarity if we got to grips with the language surrounding the debate.

The heated transgender debate is aggravated by muddled language that has obfuscated discussion and clouded understanding. Dispute resolution requires clarity of thought, which in turn needs precision of language. In transgender politics, that starts by unravelling sex and gender, description and definition, and even the verbs to be and to do. Continue reading “The transgender debate needs clear thinking, not muddled language”

A mutilation of young lives: How the radical transgender bandwagon is wrecking girls’ bodies and destroying their mental health

Ignoring both science and basic safeguarding, education workers have bought into the notion that we all have an immutable gender identity which may or may not match our sex.

A new book, Irreversible Damage, reveals how teenage girls are being duped into believing they want to be male, and are pushed into taking puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and undergoing double mastectomies.

Whether it is a statement or a question, the title of this book conveys the necessary urgency of this desperately sad story. Amid the trans debate, seemingly a battle between grown adults, vulnerable children are prey to a malevolent ideology that survivors call a cult. Continue reading “A mutilation of young lives: How the radical transgender bandwagon is wrecking girls’ bodies and destroying their mental health”

Britain Comes Close to Defeating Trans Overreach

While transgender people can and should be able to live our lives in peace, as a minority in need of accommodation, we need to fit in with society and not have society revolve around us.

The U.K. government has a rare opportunity to help trans people restore societal fairness and trust.

Like an out-of-control juggernaut, transgender ideology has steamrolled through legislatures and institutions, leaving irrational and unscientific policy in its wake. But there’s been some promising pushback in London this summer where the British government might be about to say no to the transgender lobby. Continue reading “Britain Comes Close to Defeating Trans Overreach”

The word ‘woman’ is already taken

This has moved beyond the policing of speech and into the control of thoughts. When women object they are met with fury

“‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people.” With those words, JK Rowling threw herself into perhaps the most febrile debate in contemporary society. Even Covid-19 has not dampened the furore over transgender rights. As two world views collide, fundamental truths that previous generations thought were self-evident have been cast into doubt. What is a woman? what is a man? and how can we tell them apart? Continue reading “The word ‘woman’ is already taken”

La palabra ‘mujer’ está ya ocupada

Esto ha ido más allá del control del lenguaje para instalarse en el control de los pensamientos. Cuando las mujeres se oponen se encuentran con la violencia

“‘Personas menstruantes’. Estoy segura de que solía haber un nombre para estas personas”. Con estas palabras, JK Rowling se lanzó al que probablemente es el debate más febril de la sociedad contemporánea. Ni siquiera la covid-19 ha servido para atemperar el furor en torno al debate sobre los derechos de las personas transgénero. Conforme dos visiones del mundo colisionaban, algunas verdades fundamentales que generaciones anteriores consideraban indiscutibles han empezado a ponerse en duda. ¿Qué es una mujer? ¿Qué es un hombre? ¿Cómo podemos diferenciarlos? Continue reading “La palabra ‘mujer’ está ya ocupada”

Maybe we are all ‘non-binary’?

While it is easy to create identities, it is rather more difficult to define who qualifies.

Today marks International Non-Binary People’s Day. Scheduled ingeniously 128 days after International Women’s Day (on 8 March) and 128 days before International Men’s Day (on 19 November), today has been set aside for people who identify as non-binary. But while it is easy to create identities, it is rather more difficult to define who qualifies.

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Sexism is alive and well in the transgender debate

Forty years after the Life of Brian where [John] Cleese’s character described Lorretta’s desire to have babies as ‘his struggle against reality’, men can still make their point without generating a witch hunt.

Parents! How do you support LGBT+ kids? As a parent, a teacher and as a trans person, I think the answer is simple: treat them just like any other child. They need space to explore what it means to be human, activities to learn about the world, and boundaries to keep them safe. When BBC Bitesize explored this question, they talked to drag artist Divina De Campo. Behind the flamboyant exterior – ‘camp as a row of tents,’ according to De Campo – there is a former teacher making some sensible points. ‘Everything is there forever,’ De Campo says of social media posts, ‘it doesn’t disappear because somebody’s screenshotted it.’ But unfortunately Bitesize wasn’t content with just offering plain, helpful advice. Continue reading “Sexism is alive and well in the transgender debate”

Als Transfrau und Elternteil sage ich: Es ist Missbrauch, Kinder zum Geschlechtswechsel zu drängen

Dieser potenzielle Kindermissbrauchsskandal steht im Mittelpunkt dieser Debatte. Da die politischen Führer vor der unbequemen Wahrheit zurückschrecken – wir sind männlich oder weiblich gemäß unserer Biologie, die bei der Geburt beobachtet wurde – hat sich Rowling für die Schwächsten eingesetzt. Zuerst für ihr Geschlecht und dann für die Kinder.

Die Bestseller-Autorin J. K. ist wegen ihrer Äußerungen über Transmenschen in die Kritik geraten. Hier erklärt die britische Transgender-Aktivistin Debbie Hayton, warum sie sich mit der “Harry Potter”-Autorin solidarisiert.

Nachdem Joanne K. Rowling im vergangenen Monat eine Flut von Beschimpfungen erhalten hatte, weil sie das Wort “Frau” zur Beschreibung ihres Geschlechts zurückforderte, hätte man J. K. Rowling vielleicht verzeihen können, wenn sie den Staffelstab der Kampagne an andere weitergereicht hätte. Die Transgender-Debatte, an der sie teilnahm, ist vielleicht der toxischste und spaltendste Streit, der in den sozialen Medien tobt. Continue reading “Als Transfrau und Elternteil sage ich: Es ist Missbrauch, Kinder zum Geschlechtswechsel zu drängen”

Роулинг права (Rowling is right)

В этом я полностью её поддерживаю. Я — трансженщина, но также родитель и учитель. Я работаю с молодыми людьми каждый день, и для меня забота о них важнее всего.

Как трансженщина, родитель и учитель, я утверждаю, что Дж.К. Роулинг совершенно права: подталкивать детей к смене пола — это насилие над ними.

Автора бестселлеров заклеймили позором за предупреждение относительно того, что трансактивисты подталкивают детей, испытывающих психологические трудности, к приёму гормонов и хирургическим операциям. Однако она поступает храбро и верно, высказываясь на этот счёт. После обрушившегося на неё в прошлом месяце шквала оскорблений за то, что она просила вернуть слово «женщина» для описания своего пола, Дж.К. Роулинг, вероятно, была прощена за то, что передала правозащитную эстафету другим. Continue reading “Роулинг права (Rowling is right)”

As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say JK Rowling is absolutely right; it’s child abuse to push kids towards changing sex

This potential child abuse scandal is at the heart of this debate. As political leaders shy away from the inconvenient truth – we are male or female according to our biology that was observed at birth – Rowling has stood up for the most vulnerable. First for her sex and then for children.

The best-selling author has been vilified for warning about how children struggling with their mental health are being shunted towards hormones and surgery by trans activists. But she is brave and right to speak out.

After last month receiving a barrage of abuse for reclaiming the word ‘woman’ to describe her sex, JK Rowling might have been forgiven for handing the campaigning baton onto others. The transgender debate that she entered is perhaps the most toxic and divisive dispute raging across social media. Continue reading “As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say JK Rowling is absolutely right; it’s child abuse to push kids towards changing sex”