A collapsed case shows the perils of policing ‘transphobia’

After ten months this bizarre case where a trans person had been accused of a transphobic hate crime by someone who was not trans, was dismissed by a district judge as groundless. How did we get here?


The bizarre stories of censorship and bullying by trans activists frequently made baffling reading. But the spectacle of Miranda Yardley, a self-identified transsexual, ending up in the dock for apparent ‘transphobia’ (all at the behest of a non-trans person) really takes the biscuit. An author would struggle to pitch such an incredible scenario at a publisher but, to quote Mark Twain, truth is stranger than fiction. Our post-truth world is off the scale. Continue reading “A collapsed case shows the perils of policing ‘transphobia’”

Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs.

The purpose of the census is not to validate identities or protect feelings; it is to collect data to inform present and future needs, including those applicable to transgender people such as myself. It is vital therefore to collect information on gender identity separately from information on sex.

While transgender people have become much more visible in recent years, our numbers are harder to quantify. In 2011 GIRES reported that:

1% of […] employees and service users may be experiencing some degree of gender variance. At some stage, about 0.2% may undergo transition.

However, those figures were based on samples and estimates, and the GIRES research was completed eight years ago. Society has since moved on, and reliable data is needed, not least to inform the future needs of transgender people for specialist healthcare services. Continue reading “Transgender people need reliable census data to inform future planning for our needs.”

The difficulties of questioning the transgender dogma

As a transgender woman myself, I worry that the backlash won’t be limited to the activists who try to force their views on everyone else – but against the entire transgender community.

While Westminster understandably has its mind on other things, the transgender debate – which you might have expected to calm down after last year’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) – rumbles on with its trademark ferocity. And as two stories have this week have shown, its proponents continue to take no prisoners. Continue reading “The difficulties of questioning the transgender dogma”

The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start

While working people suffered under needless austerity and public services were stripped to the bone, transgender people have faced specific detriment. The focus on changes to legal gender recognition that came out of Miller’s report was mismanaged from the start.

Three years after her parliamentary committee reported on transgender rights, Maria Miller this week accused her own government of mishandling trans issues.

When the Tory chair of the House of Commons women and equalities committee announces publicly that her own government’s priorities are wrong, we must surely be in the last days of this shambolic administration. Continue reading “The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start”

Act Now on Child Sex-Change Surge

We are concerned about the role of Mermaids UK, a lobbying organisation that promotes the uncritical affirmation of children’s self-declared gender identity and the use of powerful cancer drugs to halt puberty, followed by the administration of cross-sex hormones.

As professionals, academics, teachers and parents, we are anxious about the 25-fold increase in referrals of children to the NHS gender identity development service since 2009. Continue reading “Act Now on Child Sex-Change Surge”

When a sprout transitions …

I’m cautious about opening up trans politics on Facebook as I have collected an eclectic set of Friends, but I hoped that gut politics might even transcend the chasm between trans apologists and gender criticals.

Christmas this year was a blessed relief from political campaigning. Brexit and Transgender Politics have threatened to take over my life over the past two years, but last week I averted myself from politics. That’s not a trivial exercise when, 90 days from a possibly cataclysmic exit from the European Union, our political leaders still appear to be wishing for a miracle.

Continue reading “When a sprout transitions …”

Plea to Trans Lobby

We seek to find common cause with women against male violence and we condemn the threats, harassment and intimidation of women who argue that sex-based protections are vital in a society still punctuated by sexism.

Sir, As transsexual people we are dismayed by the escalation in harassment, threats and abuse directed at women and women’s groups in the name of “transgender rights activism” (“Trans lobby sent me death threats, claims professor”, Dec 6). In the past few years violent rhetoric on social media has spilt over into real life too often. After the harassment of Julie Bindel and the Working Class Movement Library, the physical assault on Maria Maclachlan and the recent use of “masked-up” tactics at a feminist meeting in Bristol, we are horrified by the intimidation and abuse directed at the human rights expert Rosa Freedman.

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